PkReg Domain and Hosting Provider was registered in 2008 and providing Domains and Hosting to Business Companies, PkReg.Host is luanched in 2021 for Small and Medium Size Businesses to Provide Complete Web Solution in Affordable Rates to solve two issues.

First Issue was High Prices of Domains and Hosting.

Second Problem was Development Knowledge and High Prices of Development.

First Issue was solved by providing all in one web solution in Just 1000 Rs Per Year which are World's Cheapest Rates i.e Domain Name of Pk.Business or Pk.Education with Cloud Hosting, Premium SSL, Global CDN and Unlimited Resources.

Second Problem was solved by Providing Free Basic Website Development but if any business need custom website then we will charge 5000 Rs of Development otherwise small and mediun size businesses would get complete website in Just 1000 Rs.

We assure you that our services will not be less than any other reputed hosting company charging hundreds of dollars for their services.

What We Provide

Domain Name

Pk.Business or Pk.Education

We could not reduce the Charges of .Pk Domain or any other Internations TLD's so We registered Premium Domains of .Pk.Business and .Pk.Education at huge price which enabled us to reduce the price of Domain name on .Pk.Business or .Pk.Education according to requirement.

Cloud Hosting

Amazon Servers with Fastest SSD Storage

We Pruchased Brizy Cloud Hosting licenses in bulk which use Fastest Amazon Servers and SSD Cloud Storage. Now we have purchased Unlimited Resources and offering with our All in One Website Solution. Don,t think that if our services are cheap then it means that our service is not good.

Premium Global CDN

35+ Locations of Content Delivery Network

CDN Stands for Content Delivery Network which makes your website fastest. There are two types of CDN,Basic CDN, Global CDN. As We have FreeLance Plan so we have Global CDN which has 35 locations where as Basic CDN has only 20 Locations so

Unlimited Resources

Everything Unlimited

We provide Unlimited Resources in every related field of web development ie. Bandwidth, Traffic, Storage, Views etc. Now you don,t have to worry about resouces because there is no limit. Load Balancing is enabled

If you have more questions then call us on 0092 345 9303101 and we will give your answers and most asked questions will be added in the FAQ Section.



.Pk.Business is best domain name for Pakistani Businesses because it is SEO Optimised URL and .Pk.Education is best URL for Educational Institutes i.e Academies, Tution Centers , Private Schools etc

Brizy Cloud or WordPress Hosting

If you need a website to showcase your business features then Brizy CLoud is the Best Choice but If you need eCommerce functionality then WordPress Hosting is recommended.

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro is another popular page builder which we are offering with our WordPress hosting at just 1000 Rs per Year Extra. Our Plugins are ganuine and licenced which upgrade regularly.

Normally Elementor Pro is costs about 7000 Rs Per Year but we want to promote web services at cheapest possible rates.