What is Domain Name and Hosting Explained in English and Urdu

Whenever you search on google about any topic then website names come in the rearch result that this content is available on this website.

Domain Name is a name of your website normally starts with http or https. Domain name is compulsory to find your website on internet which is renewed yearly and you have to pay for purchasing the domain name. There are many companies which offer this domain name registration service.

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Which Domain is the best | Urdu Hindi Tutorial

Domain Name is very Important for Search Engine Optimization so you have to keep your nitch name with in the domain. You must take domain targetting your nitch within your domain name. every industry has launched it's own domain extension so

We would suggest that you have to purchase .com with business and country targetting domains because google is changing it's algorithm day by day. Country targetted domains are best for country ranking. We are providing .Pk.Business and .Pk.Education with unlimited resources in Just 1000 Rs Per Year. If you want to purchase just .pk domain then you have to buy it from PkNIC.Net.Pk

Is there any difference between diferent companies provided domain names, there is not difference and our suggestion is that you should focus your local companies which will help you in your native language.

Domain Kia Hay aur Domain Ki Iqsam

Domain Name Kia Hota Hay aur Yeh Kiun Zaroori Hay : Domain Name Kisi Bhi Website Kay Naam Ko Kehtay Hain, Maslan www.Google.com, yahoo.com etc sub say pehlay ek domain name hain. Domain Name Ko URL bhi Kehtay Hain gis Say Banta Hay Uniform Rsource Locator. Gis Tarha Aap Kay Ghar Ka Ek Address Hota Hay Iss Tarha Website Ka bhi ek address hota hay.

Domain Ki Iqsam : Domain Ki Bohot See Iqsam Hain Maslan .com, .edu, .biz etc abb Domain Extension are increasing day by day. Ek Dafa Jo Domain Register Ho Jata Hay Tou Koi Dusra Domain Purchase Nahi Kar Sakta.