What is SEO

SEO in 2022

I have explained SEO Basics in a simpliest way in Urdu and Hindi Language and writing it in English.

What is SEO, SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization which means Optimize your website content such that Search Engine recognise your content and consider is worthiness regarding google search. There are few terms in understanding of SEO i.e Onpage SEO, Keyowrds, OffPage SEO, Link Building, Internal Linking, External Linking, URL Optimization, Permalinks, Heading, Title, Meta Description, etc

01:33 How to Rank Higher through SEO and How to do Search Engine Optimization,

Google CEO has told that there are about 200 Google Search Engine Factors which effect the Google Ranking of websites on Google Search Result. SEO explains those Google Ranking Factors and you must consider them on your website and this is the SEO that you should know the SEO terms and implement on your content.

Benefits of SEO,

With the Help of SEO, your website starts ranking in the first page of google search result for particular keyword and your website starts getting organic traffic from google and you starts earning by google ads or through affilicate network or through your own products without any advertisement.

Pros and Cons of SEO

Don't over optimize the content so that google understand that you are not cheating Google which means that you must focus on your topic and also write for the reader instead of just telling the Google that my website is about which topic.

02:10 Importance of Compititor Analysis

Easiest way to start working is to know about your compitors and you must beat your compititors in ranking higher means that you should write better than your compititors and make more backlinks than your compititor so that Google start ranking your website instead of your compititor.

02:42 What is OnPage SEO

OnPage SEO is realted to your main keyword and you must focus on your content to optimize it around your focus keyword and don't divert from the topic. You must explain your keyword by using synonyms but don't divert from your main focused topic and this is called OnPage SEO.

03:04 Keyword Analysis

You must do keyword analysis before writing on any topic and you must relect low compitition keywords instead of selecting more traffic keywords.

03:26 OffPage SEO

OffPage SEO is that Other Websites are talking about your website and referring your domains and giving you a dofollow backlink which is only possible with consistency and best article writing and populating it on social media.

04:00 What is Keyword and Types of Keywords

There are many types of keywords i.e Primary Keywords, Seed Keyword, Main Keyword, Focused Keywords, Long Tail Keyword, Focused Keyword, Secondary Keywords, Related Keywords. You must underdtand the Keyword Difficulty and Learn How to Find Easy to Rank Keywords.

04:21 Why Bounce Rate is dangerous for SEO of website

Bounce Rate means that when google start displaying your website in search result and people quit in a few seconds of few minutes after watching your website and it gives signal to Google that People don't like your website and your website is not good for them and if Bounce Rate increase then Google derank that website so minimize the bounce rate by making your website attractive.

04:47 What is Hook in SEO and Why Attractive Website is important for User Engagement

Hook means that you must catch your audiance attraction. You must know your audiance needs on that particular topic. If your website is solving the problem of your readers then people will keep exploring your website and this is benaficial for all. If you are working hard then your website must solve the issue of person. If you select any keyword to write then you must understand the intent of keyword and solve the issue related to that keyword.

We will learn about How to Write Attractive Articles so keep watching our videos and keep reading our articles. If you have a particular question then send us your question and we will explain it for you and will create a video on your question and will send you that link for that article.

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