FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Q&A

01 How to Get Website from PkReg.Net

Step One is that your contact us via whatsapp or mobile number or send a message through our Contact page. You have to tell us 5 things,

(i) Your Business Name for your website but that name should not be copy righted by any other company.

(ii) Send us your Logo if have and if don,t have then you may order us to make a logo for your business.

(iii) Send us your business details in one Paragraph.

(iv) Send us your email address, and any other social media address for your website.

(v) Send us your mobile number, whatsapp number on our number 0092 345 9303101

02 Why our charges are less and does it mean that Sasta Roay Bar o Bar aur Mehnga Roaey Ek Bar

Some people asked that they don,t want cheap services because Sasta Roaey Bar o Bar Mehnga Roaey Ek Bar. We have explained earlier that why Our Services are Cheap. This is a part of our mission to keep the prices down so that small businesses could also flurish. We are providing state of the art services which other companies are charging hundreds of dollars. Our Mission is to spread Business Websites so our charges are World's Cheapest Charges. You may check the speed of our provided website on GTMetrix and you will never face downtime for your website. We are using AWS and Google Cloud Servers which are the fastest sercers on the earth.

03 Do we provide business emails with hosting

You will get business email if you will purchase our 5000 Rs or 7000 Rs Package but we don't provide business emails 1000 Rs Package on domain Pk.Business.

04 Can we get just hosting for our international TLD

Yes, You can get our World's Cheapest but Fastest Hosting Services on Brizy Cloud but This offer is only for newly registered domains or domains which don't have old content because we don,t transfer old domains data on Brizy Cloud because If you are using WordPress previously then you have to move on our WordPress Hosting instead of Brizy Cloud Hosting.

05 Can we get wordpress hosting

Yes, You can get wordpress hosting in Just 5000 Rs on our shared environment and premium themes and premum plugins will be provided with our hosting.. If you need cPanel with it then you will not be provided with Premium Themes and Premium Plugin Bundles. If you will purchase wordpress hosting from us then we will give you Brizy Pro and Elementor Pro with Our Hosting as a Separate Addon by Just Paying 1000 Rs Extra.

06 Do we provide Global CDN and SSL with WordPress Hosting

You will be provided with Global CDN with our Brizy Cloud hosting and Not will WordPress Hosting, Moreover SSL will be of Let's Encrypt instead of Premium as offering on Brizy Cloud Hosting.

07 Does Brizy Cloud has ecommerce functionality

Unfortunately Brizy Cloud is not offering eCommerce Functionality because you can not install any Plugins on it. You have to shift to our WordPress hosting to get eCommerce functionality. We will help you to add eCommerce functionality if you will purchase our WordPress Hosting Package.

08 Can we use Elementor on Birzy Cloud

No, You will be provided Brizy Pro because Elementor Pro and Brizy Cloud are totally different page builders. Elementor is installed on WordPress Environment because they are added as Plugins but Brizy Cloud Has it,s own built in Page Builder of Brizy Pro and No other Page Builder Could be installed on it.